Making Screenhero work on slower internet connections

Screenhero requires atleast 0.5Mbps of upload from the person sharing their screen. You can test your current speed by going to a testing site like

By default (and depending on the size of the screen) screenhero may pick a minimum bandwidth which may exceed your total bandwidth. In this situation, the person you are sharing with will see a blurry screen, lots of pauses and just general bad video quality.

In this case you can use the following steps to adjust the minimum bandwidth for Screenhero to better match your internet connection.

  1. Open Screenhero and click the gear / cog menu icon in the lower right hand side of the window.
  2. Click on the Networking tab
  3. Uncheck 'automatically manage bitrates'
  4. Set the 'Minimum bitrate' slider to something like 100kbit
  5. You can leave the maximum slider untouched.

This takes effect instantly (will work even during a share).

If this solves your problem, please give us a shout out at

Thanks for loving screenhero!

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